Are you getting married and having a family friend photograph your wedding day??

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This is a big NO, NO, NO.  If there’s one thing you must do, is employ a professional photographer who knows what they’re doing.

 A friend of mine told me recently “a bride who’d employed a friend to take her wedding photography was extremely upset when the photographer rang her to say he was running late.  He asked if they would put the wedding back by 30 minutes.  He also had a cash flow problem and would she arrange for a taxi to collect him from the station?”  How unprofessional can he be??

 Don’t be influenced by price, trying to save a few pounds here and there is simple not worth the upset and agony when they get it wrong.  Go on your true feelings.  I hear people say “they want to save a bit of money and have someone they know photograph their wedding”. Take one bit of advice away with you today, never, I say never, let a friend or family member photograph your most important moment in your lives, leave it to a professional.

Yes, you may say, we have a budget.  We all have budgets but you must be prepared to get what you pay for.  We all like to have a bargain and save money, but photography is different.  You get one shot at it. 

I have numerous individuals ask me to rectify their wedding pictures.  Either they’re under or over exposed or the poses are completely wrong.  People are missing or pictures are blurred.  Once the day is done, there is nothing we can do to record that day again, the people, the moments that you should cherish forever…. gone.   Is it worth the compromise??  

 A professional photographer has quality behind them.  They will show you previous wedding albums and you’ll be able to read testimonies that past clients have said about them. 

 If you feel comfortable with that person and they are available, book them before someone else does.

 Remember, bride and grooms, when your wedding day is over, the dress is hung up, all the guests have gone home, and you’ve had your honeymoon….  what’s left, nothing if you haven’t got beautiful pictures to remember it by.

 Need a friendly, professional photographer, visit me today 🙂

 Ann xx

 Visit my Website: Ann Lewis Photography


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